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Oil Stop

401 W.Admiral Doyle Dr.,

New lberia,LA 70560


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Oil Stop's single point inflation Auto BoomTMwas the first single point inflation boompatented.Auto Boom TM was developed toprovide safe, quick and efficient containmentof floating oil.Auto Boom's unique designmakes it possible to store on and deploy froma hydraulic reel (winder), large lengths (up to2,000 feet) of oil spill containment boom. Asthe boom is deployed from the reel, it automatically inflates from a single air source.Once inflated, the patented design allows eachflotation chamber to be isolated, and in theevent that one chamber is damaged ordeflated, adjacent chambers remain fully inflated so that the boom can continue tofunction properly.As a unique added feature,Auto Boom TM incorporates a thin layer of closed cell foam inside each inflation chamberto provide positive buoyancy when the boomis not inflated.

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