About us


About Energyard.com


Energyard.com is a leading platform for showcasing and trading energy equipment. Based in Texas, US and launched in 2019, Energyard.com was created by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to meet the market needs for a centralized, low-cost, and trusted space for buying and selling energy-related equipment. We serve thousands of suppliers and buyers around the world, specializing in the upstream of the oil and gas industry.  


Our Vision


Our vision is to remove the barriers and bridge the gap between energy equipment suppliers and buyers and become the Amazon in the energy industry.  


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide suppliers with the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their energy equipment and to help buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.


Our Values


Our four values are: (1) customers first; (2) change is the only constant; (3) trust makes good things happen; and (4) passionate about innovation



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